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Why Fitness Balls?

Why a Fitness Ball?

The Medicine or fitness ball is an all round important fitness accessory. No matter the workout, the fitness ball helps bring a diverse multitude of physical workouts for individual or partner training. Medicine balls provide a small compact workout that does not require much room, while still allowing an athlete to use almost all muscle groups with less space needed. Create everyday functional exercises that are designed to increase your core stability. Medicine balls help you train for strength and range of motion while simultaneously improving coordination and balance. This combination powers your everyday life while pushing you to your fitness limits. There are a multiple of exercises and movements that one can do to build stomach muscle using a fitness ball which includes Squats, lunges, trunk twist and more. Being weighted, a medicine ball allows for the boost of speed and accuracy of movements, once tolerance builds up for a certain weight, move on to a weigh higher to get stronger.

Fitness balls are not only great for gyms and at home training, they work well with the development of specific sport athletes… such as throwing a ball further and faster, improving coordination and balance on the field, swinging a bat faster or developing stronger fingers for volleyball setters. Available in many weights and sizes, the medicine ball is a training accessory that every gym, weight room or training facility should incorporate.