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Why Athletes Get Weak In Season

It’s not that athletes truly get weak, but rather that they are so focused on performing in their sport, that they end up throwing away what they don’t need. But that could hurt them in the long run.

How do we fight this?
Start with picking 1 thing to focus on. There’s a saying that goes: if it’s important, do it every day. So that’s what we do.
Now, you have to scale back the work load and pay attention to the athletes’ time constraints, but we can prioritize and focus on the important things.



Here’s an example:

Athlete’s who depend on running and cannot afford to get hurt
Soccer – mid field
Football – skill
Field Hockey

What’s important?
Full range of motion running

What do we do?
High repetition, full motion
Low sets/volume daily
High volume weekly

Sample (Adapted from XL Athlete RB Performance Circuit):

Lunge with Band x 12
Alternating Split Lunge Jump x 6 each
Push Up Climber x 12
Hip Flex Band Pulls x 12 each
Band Knee Twist x 12 each
Reverse Hyper on GHR bench x 12 each
Multi-Hip Kickback x 12 each
Leg Press Single Leg Power Press x 12 each

We keep circuits like this on laminated sheets in the gym. Athletes should set up the entire circuit first, so they can quickly move through the exercises. We use this circuit in season for 1 or 2 sets and out of season as an added warm up 3 days a week for 3 sets.