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Welcome To The Training Division

We will help schools, teams and individuals implement new strategies and tactics for increasing athletic performance. It is hard to stay up to date on the new training strategies, tactics, technology, trends and types of training. Our job is to filter out all the incoming information and give you a simple training plan that will increase your results.

After years of meetings, trial and error, think-tanking, and meetings (yes, again), we’ve finally moved forward with a new division at The Equipment Guys.



The Training Division Can Help You Improve 






Injury Prevention

Weight Room Management (Space Utilization/Athlete Use)

Training Programs

And More!

By staying true to the motto of “Equipping Athletes,” The Training Division wants to provide more than just equipment. Let us help take some pressure off of you and your coaches and handle one piece of the athletic puzzle: Performance.

Contact us to find out what packages we have to offer and to let us know about your specific needs (big or small).

WE look forward to working with you. Please give us a call today (614)871-9220