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Picking out weight room equipment for the first time can feel overwhelming. This article aims to hopefully ease your weight room equipment decision making.

The type of weight room equipment you’ll need is dependent upon the type of workout you want to do. Is your goal to become stronger? Healthier? Both? These are the types of questions you should ask yourself when thinking about your fitness regimen.


Strength Training

When people think of strength training exercises, they usually think of guys with gigantic muscles sitting on their weight room equipment, lifting weight plates that have the circumference of a giant beach ball. Weight room equipment items such as selectorized or plate-loaded machines, chin-up stations, weight benches, and rack systems are ideal for heavy-duty strength training workouts.

While the aforementioned is most certainly considered strength training, it’s not the only kind of strength training out there. Technically, most exercises are in some way a form of strength training exercises, because whether you’re trying to or not, you’re going to be strengthening muscles simply by the actions required for exercise. Even fitness training like cardio workouts (aerobics) and yoga provide strength training benefits for muscles like your heart and lungs. Speaking of fitness training…

Fitness Training

Aerobics get your heart and lungs revved up, which in turn increases the amount of oxygen being delivered throughout your body. Cardio machines such as ellipticals, treadmills, and bikes are made especially for these types of workouts.

Yoga exercises are not super strenuous when compared to other exercises, but they do involve deep breathing and some pretty extreme stretching. Though you don’t need much weight room equipment other than a mat and maybe some dumbbells, yoga is a great workout for your heart, lungs, and muscles.weight-equipment-2.jpg

There is plenty of weight room equipment available that simulates different aerobic exercises, and many of these will strengthen important muscles in your back, which often get overlooked, but help with posture, flexibility, and rotation of your upper body. Back injuries are so common because people often focus on having big arms rather than a strong back.

Now that you know a little more about the different types of body training, you can decide which type of weight room equipment you’ll need to get the benefits you want.

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