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Weight Lifting Equipment

There are multiple different pieces of weight lifting equipment on the market, so it can be somewhat difficult to figure out where to start if you’re new to the whole workout thing. We’ll go over a few pieces of weight lifting equipment to hopefully give you a better understanding of what some commercial gym equipment is/can be used for.

Some of the weight lifting equipment we offer includes power racks and fire out stations.

Power Racks

Weight Lifting EquipmentWe offer several different types of rack systems – full racks, half racks, double half racks, and double sided full and half racks.

Full racks surround the user with 4 upright steel safety bars, which catch the barbell if the user happens to fall forwards or backwards during their workout (adjustable safety spotters can be placed at any level you want). With their modular, bolt-together design, our full racks are easily assembled and adjusted.

Half racks are just what they sound like – half of a full rack. They do not enclose the user (meaning you only have safety spotters on one side of this type of weight lifting equipment) and are better to use when space is limited. You can still use a barbell and a weight bench with a half rack, and they have the same modular, bolt-together design as the full racks.

The double versions of these offer the same capabilities, times two. Not everyone likes to work out alone, and now you don’t have to. The double racks are a 2-in-1 – two people can do the same workouts, on the same piece of weight lifting equipment, at the same time. Anyone up for some safe, friendly competition?

Fire Out Stations

Our fire out stations bolt directly to the wall, leaving a very small footprint (it only uses two feet (from the wall) of room) and use the same parts and attachments as our power racks. They can be used with bands, bodyweight exercises, or barbells. The center section is six feet wide so two barbells can be used simultaneously.

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