Weight Lifting Equipment

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Weight Lifting Equipment

Today's weightlifters utilize a variety of equipment types to get the most dynamic, balanced, and effective workout. With this in mind, the Equipment Guys offer a complete line of strength training equipment for home and commercial gyms.

Within each category of products, we offer a wide range of options to fit your budget and your requirements. Whether you need a single utility bench or are outfitting an entire high school gym or health club, we'll help you find what you need from our massive selection.

Types of Weight Training Equipment

There are many kinds of equipment on the market today designed for building strength, stamina, and agility. From Olympic and utility weight lifting benches in flat, incline, and decline configurations, to lower back and abs stations, sit-up benches, and 45-degree hyperextension machines, the Equipment Guys carry an extensive selection of workout solutions.

Additional strength equipment product categories include chin up or dip stations, squat stands, glute ham raise machines, and suspension trainers.

Weight Training Essentials

While benches are among the most common pieces of equipment for weightlifters, there are many products we carry that come in handy in virtually any gym setting. We offer premium Free Weight Equipment, including dumbbells and kettlebells as well as Stray Dog Strength rack systems for keeping your exercise space well organized.

Additional items necessary for getting a safe and productive workout include powerlifting belts, straps, wraps and harnesses, chains, ropes, and specialty attachments.

Strength Training Equipment for Home Gyms

As a full-service gym equipment marketplace, we offer the flexibility to purchase a single machine or order products for your entire personal exercise space. Whether you need barbells or a weightlifting bench, we offer a variety of styles to choose from, ranging from entry-level to professional quality.

When you partner with us for home gym strength training equipment, you can rest assured you're getting a product designed to last and help you achieve your personal fitness goals.

Weight Lifting Equipment for Commercial Gyms

The Equipment Guys are equipped to deliver weight training equipment built for commercial gym environments. Our Olympic benches include built-in plate storage and feature 11-gauge, all-steel construction and a special coating and finish that protects against abrasion, oils, and bacteria.

From hexagonal chin up and dip stations that can accommodate up to six individuals at a time, to dual-purpose squat stands with pull up bars, we provide a full range of standard and customized solutions for any commercial fitness center.

Shop for the Strength Equipment You Need Online Today

We are a leading source for innovative, durable, and safe weight lifting benches and strength equipment. In addition to our complete inventory of weight room products, we also offer custom equipment and gym design services.

Browse our selection of strength training equipment online to find the models you're looking for, or contact us for assistance. Our experienced team of sales representatives is standing by to answer all your questions and help find the products that represent the most efficient fit.