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Stray Dog Strength – Triphasic Arms

Sports performance coaches, as well as athletes, have been implementing the use of bands in efforts to assist in jump-height progression for quite some time now. This leaves one to wonder why a training tool hasn’t been specifically designed for this style of athletic development. Stray Dog Strength, along with the Triphasic Training founder, Cal Dietz, have created an efficient and highly effective solution to this problem: The Triphasic Arms. 

Design:  Designed to the exact specifications that, Cal Dietz has tested and confirmed, are the most advantageous to accelerated jump training. The arms themselves sit at 11’ off the ground, while the hooks sit slightly lower at 10’, each providing slightly different levels of assistance.   

Training: The Triphasic Arms were exclusively developed to be used in conjunction with the Triphasic Training protocol, however, the arms can still provide beneficial training adaptations outside of that specific regimen. For example, research has shown that accelerated jump training can be extremely useful when priming athletes for their peak phase of the season. Along with peaking, athletes can experience explosive power benefits from Post Activation Potentiation (P.A.P.)₁ sets and will also be better able to take advantage of their Stretch Shortening Cycle (S.S.C.).  The S.S.C. being the elastic component of muscle tissue being rapidly stretched prior to a muscular contraction, which then aides in the muscular contraction. 

P.A.P. is a very powerful neural stimulus that can be taken advantage of throughout training.

Manufacturing: Stray Dog Strength products are made to exacting standards utilizing CAD/CAM software, ASTM A500 Grade B tubing and ASTM A36 Plate, welded to AWS standard D1.1. Prior to completion, all products are prepped with a five stage "wash / rinse" system using an alkaline phosphate and finished in up to a 3.5 mil thick, textured powder coat.

To see the Triphasic Arms in action, check out the Product Videos tab!

 Items that may be beneficial:  Resistance Bands

 The Stray Dog Strength – Triphasic Arms are covered by our LIFETIME PERFORMACE WARRANTY


  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Attaches to any of our rack systems for ultimate versatility
  • Arm & Hook Heights
    • Top Hook: 12'
    • Arm: 11'
    • Bottom Hook: 10'


Lead Time: 2-4 Weeks

Inspect ceilings to ensure adequate clearance



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