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A Standard


If athletes never understand that there are expectations,

then they will be asking for an award for every little thing that they do

and that wastes time.



Let’s review some points that we have made earlier this year regarding training.

  • Everyone seems to know that specialized training helps athletes.
  • Everyone (ideally) has their own style of training, coaching & learning.
  • All training works, if there is buy-in from the athletes.
  • Different styles of training have specific parameters.
  • You cannot be successful by trying to do everything all the time.

So how do you know if you are:

…wasting time with exercises that are unnecessary?

…doing the right kind of training for your athletes?

…doing the most you can to prepare them for better performance?

If you don’t have a set standard, you cannot have an answer (because everything CAN work for at least a short time).

Here is what we suggest:

Evaluate your program/personal culture, your desired style and your group of athletes

Choose evaluative measures to determine if the athletes fit the mold that you want

If they do not, implement the training that is necessary for them to reach their goals

Only include what is necessary

If it doesn’t fit into your team’s performance goals – throw it out. But you have to first make a bold statement that you would be willing to use an the answer to all questions regarding the goals and decisions of your program, your coaches and your athletes.

In the SDS Performance Lab, we have created a detailed course for accomplishing all of this. It also involves the implementation of our IAP (Individual Athletic Plan), which plays off of the program goals and applies training to each specific individual – without taking away from group training or team progress.

If you have a system that works, great! But nearly all programs can be made more efficient and training can always get better. We can help you find the gaps and the most efficient ways to fill them. We continue to research new training methods, consult with local athletic programs and collaborate with some of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the country.

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