HiTech Technique Plates

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HiTech Technique Plates 

1000HTPKG- Sold individually, not as pairs!

 Hitechplates are patented light-weight plates made from a composite material of recycled plastic. The material makes them very light while being identical in shape to Olympic-sized plated. This allows the teaching of technique without the added weight. The material also makes them unbreakable, surviving thousands of drops if used correctly. There is no need to clean or paint Hitechplates - they arrive with a chalky and one piece construction.

 The recycled plastic used in Hitechplates are made in America, which reduces the Earth's landfills, transforming waste into STRENGTH, while reducing costs


• Chalky green color
• Rugged one piece construction
• Unbreakable on the platform
• Competition size and shape
• 17.75" diameter & 2" hub
• Fits all Olympic bars
• Fits snugly on the bar; no wobble
• Slides smoothly on and off bar
• No metal center (hub) to damage the bar
• Coach & lifter can focus on technique, not plate damage
• Available in both pounds and kilograms
• Won't rust and never needs painting
• Less expensive than the typical technique plate
• Environmentally friendly...reduces landfill waste
• "Green"...made from recycled materials
• Made in the USA
• Private labeling available

Available in:

5lb, 10lb, 15lb, 2.5kg, 3.7kg, 5kg and 10kg

 "I've been looking for a tough plate I can use to train technique. I have about 200 female athletes and pulling with no plates just isn't the same. These really are great plates!"

Stephan Rochet
Strength Coach
University of San Diego CA

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