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Top 5 Stray Dog Strength Rack Features

Modular Design

The Stray Dog Strength rack system utilizes a modular bolt together design that allows your racks to grow and transform with your training. We offer three tiers of racks Genesis, Renegade and Titan. All racks start with the same foundation and have different features and upgrade added ons. This allows you to customize your rack to fit your budget without sacrificing quality. For example, you have one of our Genesis racks but really like our Titan series chin up. Because of our modular rack design you can upgrade to this chin up at any time!


All racks can be customized to fit your team. We offer 11 different standard paint colors and can make a custom paint in any color and finish. Our racks have an available custom banner brace. This brace can have your teams name, logo, team moto, ect. This allow you to bring the culture and team pride aspect into your facility.

Attachments & Machine Add-ons

We offer many different rack attachments and machine add-ons that allow your rack to have more functionality. Our machine add-ons allow you to incorporate standard cable machines like a lat pull down or adjustable cable column into your rack without using up valuable floor space. Stray Dog Strength is committed to making our attachments next generation compatible, so our most current attachments will work with your existing racks.

Storage Options

Our commitment to making your room as efficient and safe as possible is something we take very seriously. The most overlooked yet vital step to achieving this goal is storage; being able to have a dedicated place to store any attachment or accessory is critical. For example safety spotter arms are only used for approximately 20% of your lifts, so what do you do with them for the other 80% of the time? With other companies racks they are either laid on the floor or stored in a corner away from your racks. This makes your facility both inefficient and cluttered. Stray Dog Strength racks have dedicated storage for your spotter arms so your athletes always know where they go when not in use. We have dedicated rack storage solutions for all your attachments and accessories like: bar storage, kettlebells, dumbbells, bumper plates, BOSO balls, glute ham trolleys, ect.


Stray Dog Strength racks are designed and engineered with the little details in mind. Not only do we design our racks to look good and withstand the abuse that you will put them through, we have also designed them to function effectively. Over the last 20 years we have been tweaking the little details on our racks.

Example: How much space should be between the plate storage and upright posts to allow a spotter to get inside the half rack? We have found that 30” is perfect. This allows enough space for the spotter to comfortably get into the rack without being to large and increasing the racks footprint.

Example: Are racks are put together with ½” bolts unlike our competition that use 1” bolts. The reason for this is ½” bolts have a minimum yield strength of 13,055 lbs making them strong enough to withstand the forces of a rack with a factor of safety. If you ever need to work on your racks to move, add attachments, ect. you can work on Stray Dog racks with a ¾” wrench that you can find in any standard tool set. This is not the case with 1” bolts they require a 1 ½” wrench, this will not be in your standard tool set and you will have to special order it.

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