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Top 5 Facility Design Mistakes

1) Not Enough Rack Stations:

The number of rack stations is the largest factor on how many athletes your room can accommodate at one time. We recommend having enough racks to allow your largest team to train with no more than four athletes at a station. This will allow you to efficiently get your team in and out of the room in 40 minutes or less. This will also allow you to accommodate multiple of your smaller teams at the same time, allowing you to get more athletes threw your facility in less time.

2) Not Enough Dumbbells:

When training teams not having enough dumbbells can become a large bottleneck in your facility leading to athletes waiting around for the set they need. To prevent this we recommend that you have at least four sets of the key weight ranges that your teams use.

  • One suggestion would be to stop your dumbbells at 75 lb , doing this will allow you to get almost two additional sets in the 5 to 50 lb for the same price as a typical 5 to 100 lb set. A set from 5 to 100 lb totals to 2,100 lb so 80 to 100 lb makes up 43% of the set but doesn’t see nearly the same usage as 5 to 75lb.
  • If you do need dumbbells above 75lb we recommend that you just get a pair of 80, 90, and 100 lb. Doing this instead of getting a full set from 80 to 100 lb will allow you to save 40% while still giving your athletes the option for heavier dumbbells.

3) Not Getting Quality Dumbbells and Bars:

Dumbbells and Olympic bars see more abuse than any other item in your room, they are repeatedly dropped and mistreated. Because of this we recommend buying higher quality dumbbells and Olympic bars, this investment will pay off on the long run as they will have a longer life in your facility.

4) Buying Single Use Machines:

When designing a facility two of the largest design constraints are space and money. Because of this we recommend avoiding single use machines like a plated loaded seated row. Machines like this are only able to be used for one exercise and take up a lot space in your room, we recommend a lat pull down with a low row pulley this will allow you to do many different exercise and target different muscle groups with one machine.

5) Not Incorporating Culture Into The Facility:

Sports performance facilities should not only train the body but also the mind of your athletes. Your room should teach them how to compete and push through limits. There are many ways to achieve this but one of the simplest ways is with our rack banner braces. These can be used to highlight traits you are looking for like hard work, dedication, leadership, etc. You can also set up certain racks as a “Leadership Station” that would require the athletes to have to earn their way onto the rack. Your “Leadership Station” racks could have different banner braces and colors to stand out from the rest of your rack stations.

The Equipment Guys have been designing sports performance facilities for 23 years.

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