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Selectorized Machines

In the era of CrossFit and functional training, selectorized weight machines remain an essential piece of equipment for all different types of gyms and fitness centers. Whether you're in the market for a single-purpose device or a multi-functional total body trainer, the Equipment Guys carry a variety of top-quality solutions in stock. As a full-service equipment marketplace, we're equipped to provide a single selectorized weight machine or multiple units to outfit or upgrade a commercial facility.

What Is a Selectorized Machine?

There are two different primary types of exercise machines: plate loaded, where you're able to take weights on and off, and selectorized, where the plates are mounted permanently to the frame. With selectorized equipment, the user can adjust the level of resistance or weight by merely placing a pin, pulling a lever, or turning a knob to the desired setting. When you lift the weight, only the plates selected move on the steel guide rods, while the rest remain safely in place.

Types of Selectorized Strength Equipment

Selectorized strength machines can be engineered to exercise a specific set of muscles, such as a lat pulldown and low row unit, or to engage the entire body. There is selectorized equipment for working out the legs, abs, chest, shoulder, biceps, lats, back, neck, glutes, and other body parts. Many of the latest machines offer the flexibility to weight train and utilize a pulley system to perform more functional exercises that mimic athletic movement.

Benefits of Using Selectorized Weight Machines

There is no denying the benefits of training with free weights and plate-loaded machines. However, in many cases, there are significant advantages to working out with selectorized equipment.

In addition to not having to change plates manually throughout your workout, selectorized weight machines eliminate the need for spotters and let you safely lift to your maximum limit. There are no pinched fingers while racking heavy plates or accidents and injuries from weights falling off bars or dropping to the floor. Selectorized strength equipment is ideal for beginners, while still providing the capacity for most serious weight trainers and bodybuilders.

The Equipment Guys carry Stray Dog Strength selectorized equipment that is manufactured in the U.S. using premium-quality materials. Our machines adjust easily to accommodate users of almost any size and can often be custom-configured for your needs.

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