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Buy Dumbbells Online

No matter how advanced and diverse modern workouts and training become, free weights remain a fundamental part of virtually every strength and fitness program. If you're looking for a reliable online source for premium dumbbell weights, the Equipment Guys have a complete selection of competitively priced products. Whether you're adding pieces to your home gym or outfitting a commercial fitness club or training facility, we are the name to trust for dumbbell weights online.

Types of Dumbbells Available

Dumbbells have been in use for thousands of years. Over time, there have been many different designs to suit specific purposes. Whether you are pumping iron for muscle mass or adding an element of weight training to your aerobic routine, you're sure to find a product that fits your needs. We offer individual dumbbell weights from 1 pound to 150 pounds.

When you buy dumbbell weights online from us, choose from:

  • Hex dumbbells featuring a robust design and resin-based coating for optimal strength and durability
  • 8-sided rubber-encased dumbbells offering reduced noise and impact protection, ideal for home or institutional use
  • 12-sided dumbbells in a variety of fixed weights and available with "Quiet Iron" rubber encasements
  • Aerobic neoprene-covered lightweight dumbells with a hex head design for optimal comfort and function
  • Adjustable dumbbell weights for versatility, with the ability to increase or decrease the number of plates

Complete Dumbbell Sets

Whether purchasing for yourself or a commercial gym, it often makes the most sense to buy dumbbell weights in a set. Our inventory of hex, 8-sided, and 12-sided fixed dumbells come in sets from 5 to 50 pounds, 5 to 100 pounds, 55 to 75 pounds, 55 to 100 pounds, and 80 to 100.

Specific sets available vary depending on the model you are purchasing. We also carry the Stray Dog Strength dumbbell set and rack (SDS Dumbbell system) for an all-in-one, compact premium dumbbell station.

Dumbbell Weights Storage Systems

Keep your gym or exercise facility organized with dumbbell rack storage systems from the Equipment Guys. We offer 4, 6, and 8-foot double and triple-tier dumbbell weight racks featuring a middle support leg that stops trays from warping. We can also build a custom size storage system so you can fit it into any room design. Our Stray Dog Strength dumbbell racks are made in the U.S.A. and are designed for safe and convenient loading and unloading of weights.

You will also find storage solutions for kettlebells, medicine balls, bands, bars, bumper plates, and multi-use units.

The Best Place to Buy Dumbbell Weights Online

When you partner with us for dumbbell weights or any other type of gym equipment or accessories, you benefit from the quality of our customer service, premium products, and after-sale support. We offer the flexibility to buy single units or to place a bulk order for a large athletic center or commercial fitness facility.

Additional advantages of shopping with the Equipment Guys include:

  • Expert advice on choosing the products that fit your requirements
  • Custom gym equipment and weight room design
  • High-performance products at competitive prices

Contact us for more information about our complete line of dumbbell weights online and to request a free quote.