Stray Dog Diesel Sled

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Stray Dog Strength – Diesel Sled

Design: Engineered to be as tough as the athletes using it. Wielding two push-handle heights, the Diesel Sled allows the athlete to utilize different acceleration angles, thus opening the door for new and unique training regimens.

Training: The Diesel Sled possesses the ability to be pushed from two different points. When pushed from the higher set of handles, the athlete is placed in an aggressive, forward-leaned, athletic position to reinforce proper biomechanics and increase power. When being pushed from the lower set of handles, the athlete is placed in an overexaggerated, habit reinforcing, acceleration angle.  The use of each set of handles will depend on the goals at hand. Additionally, the handles can also be viewed as proper biomechanical, power generation, transitional aides. For example, if the athlete were to push the sled from Point A to Point B using the lower handles, exercising the correct over exaggeration principles, then proceeded to push the sled from Point B back to Point A using the higher set of handles, utilizing the previously rehearsed movement patterns, they would be able to successfully engage in accurate transition training. 

Manufacturing: Stray Dog Strength products are made to exacting standards utilizing CAD/CAM software, ASTM A500 Grade B tubing and ASTM A36 Plate, welded to AWS standard D1.1. Prior to completion, all products are prepped with a five stage "wash / rinse" system using an alkaline phosphate and finished in up to a 3.5 mil thick, textured powder coat. 

 To see this sled in action, check out the Product Videos!  

Items that may be beneficial:  Sled Attachments

The Stray Dog Strength – Diesel Sled is covered by our LIFETIME PERFORMACE WARRANTY


  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Plate Peg Length: 12.5"
  • High and Low Handles
  • Hole for Carabiner to attach ropes or straps
  • Carpeted – Feet Option


Lead Time: 2-4 Weeks



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