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Speed / Agility Workout

By Steve Gilbert – Retired Football Coach


As we are developing players in the weight room for the 2011 season, do not forget to develop speed and quickens for your players. Here are some ides to help your players become better athletes. These drills can be added at the end of your weight lifting sessions. The drills are divided into various groups that you can change to meet your programs needs.

As you prepare for the 2011 season remember that football is a game of speed. This is the program we used at Tiffin Columbian that helped us to 16 straight seasons of at least 7 wins. The program was developed by Kevin Lewis and Joe Stacy – friends of TC Football.

Movement prep

Walking lunge hip stretch

Walking lunge trunk stretch

Lateral lunge groin stretch

Leg kicks (toes to fingertips)

Inch worm

90-90 stretch with knees together and top leg over

Fire Hydrants

Single leg bowing

Form Running Drills


Knee step-over (walking)

“A” skips

“B” skips

High knees (heel does not go behind but)

Butt kickers

Straight leg shuffle (Russian’s)

Fast leg (single & double)

Skip for height

Skip for distance

Heel touches

Bounding series (straight, inside, outside & single leg)

Single leg running (left & right)

Ladder Drills

Bunny hops

Bunny hops (double touch)

Hip twister

High knee crossover


Lateral shuffle (w/box b/w feet)

In – Out shuffle (side of ladder)

Scissor shuffle (side of ladder)

Jab steps (right, left & exchange)

Hop scotch (forward/backward)

Typewriter (forward/backward)

Icky shuffle (forward/backward)

Cross over shuffle (forward/backward)

Station Drills

Running box (on BOSU)

Lateral hurdle jumps

Tuck jumps or pike jumps

Lateral exchange shuffle (6″ or 12″ hurdle)

Lateral exchange (on BOSU)

Forward / backward hurdle jumps

Split squat jumps (6′ or 12″ hurdle)

Diamond drill (CW / CCW hops in rings)

Triple extension (on 12″ box)

Jump rope (speed hops or double jumps)

Bounding Series

Straight bounding

Outside bounding

Inside bounding

Single leg bounding

Broad jumps (stop & load)

Broad Jumps (repeats)

Broad jump to vertical jump

Vertical jump to broad jump

Plyometric Jump Drills (12″, 18″, 24″, 30″ boxes)

Ascending Forward box jumps

Ascending forward double box jumps

Ascending lateral box jumps

Ascending lateral double box jumps

Speed box jumps

COD speed box jumps

Max box jumps

6″ forward hurdle jumps

12″ forward hurdle jumps

Ascending forward hurdle jumps

6″ lateral hurdle jumps

12″ lateral hurdle jumps

Ascending lateral hurdle jumps

COD hurdle jumps

Agility Runs

20-yard pro agility

3-cone “L” agility

Zigzag shuttle (multiple directions)

X-pattern multi-skill shuttle

17’s or 40 yard ladder sprint

Illinois agility drill

15-yard turn drill (same set-up as 3-cone “L”)

6-point star shuttle

4-Corner agility


Ladder / sprint / cut

Reverse pro agility (10-5-10)


Power throws / squat jumps / ladder/ sprint / core

Running stairs / Lat. Box exchange / Lat. Barrier hops / F/B barrier hops / Lat. Step over 4 hurdles / Lat. Barrier exchange / X-over barrier exchange / Pike jumps / scissor barrier jumps