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Scott Garcia the former head football coach of twelve years and current athletic director of Glenoak said the facility “turned out beautiful” and described it as a “first class top-notch facility”.


When designing a new facility, the volume of athletes that the facility can handle is one of the biggest factors. Scott said “meeting with you guys and we sat down and created a plan and we’re able to get our entire football team through here in less than an hour. We’ve had multiple teams come through with the turf agility area 14 racks stations with four additional racks workstations in the back room we are able to do three of our smaller teams at one time with great efficiency. Maximizing use of the room and kids don’t have to come in at nine at night to get a work out in”.


When asked about the working with the Equipment Guys he said “I wouldn’t go any other way, the product is great, the service from planning to finish was outstanding. We would definitely recommend The Equipment Guys to anybody”.


  • 7 Stray Dog Renegade double sided racks
  • Custom Stray Dog Axillary Training Racks with lat pull, cable column and belt squat machine add-ons
  • 18 total lifting stations
  • Ecore rolled flooring with inlayed platforms and Glenoak logos.
  • Turf/ Agility area with Stray Dog Honey Badger sleds.
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