Reset Your Athletes To Better Performance

Here it is! The magic plan! The workouts that will take your athletes to the next level!
And they might be right under your nose.
What is this not-so-secret solution?

General Physical Preparation (GPP)
This is the foundation of training; the one that sets the stage for further growth. Many people skip this, believing they can move on to a more advanced type of training. But if you haven’t addressed, mastered and excel at all components below, you are on your way toward injury or a plateau in performance.

Think you’ve “mastered” the basics?  Think again.

What is included in GENERAL physical preparation?

Physical Components:
Mobility, Aerobic Endurance, General Strength, Strength Endurance, Lactate Metabolism, Multidirectional Stability, Core Stability, Base Power, Agility/Quickness, Speed, Joint Durability, Body Reactivity

Components to Master:
Movement mechanics, Deceleration, Repeated Sprint or Max Effort Ability, Effort Over Time, Safety, Bodyweight, Free Weights, Bands and Cables, Conditioning Implements, Machines, Prehab Implements, Warm Up Protocols
Look, new is NOT always better. Of course there are ways to specialize, but there’s no need to upgrade! If you don’t even have the basics mastered, you are not truly realizing the potential that you already have!

So where do you go? Not the new hot program with fancy language. We just need to get back to basics! Let’s start with a program spelled out by

Here is a 20 – 30 minute circuit to add to your current protocol, perform on its own or even use as a second warm up on some days. Perform 3 days a week for 2 – 3 weeks. Be sure to set everything up ahead of time so you can move seamlessly from one station to another in 10 seconds.

Free Workout: Below is a PDF printout with pictures that describe each exercise. You can use this printout to post the exercise at each station and there is even a space to number the station.

Depending on your level, perform each exercise at a quick, steady pace, with perfect form for 15, 20, 25 or 30 seconds, then allow 10 seconds of rest and immediately begin the next exercise. Pick one level (15, 20, 25 or 30) and stick with that time for all exercises. Just do this 1 time through. The goal is to eventually perform all exercises for 30 seconds, resting for 10 and maintaining strong form.

Click the link for this PDF workout:   GPP Aerobic Circuit Station Training

Remember, this is the BASE! The weights are fixed and the point is to gain an advantage in every joint, in every direction and every motion for longer periods of time. This is a minimum for performance and will allow weak athletes to gain an advantage or make imbalanced athletes become balanced.
Therefore, when you want to advance to the next level, your body can actually handle it. There will be no weak links.

Side Note: Think this idea is too simple to actually help? Check out this recent Gatorade commercial talking about something as simple and “low tech” as hydration in athletes in Brazil.