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Quarterback Drills

By: Ben Mauk – from Kenton High School, Wake Forest, Cincinnati and Saskatchewan Roughriders.




A couple of the most effective drills I have experienced for myself and the development of other quarterbacks include:


Speed Ladder Drills – Through these quick feet drills, you obviously are working on the footwork of the quarterback, but it is also key to incorporate a football.  Have the quarterback put a football in his hands as he goes through the speed ladder, holding it as he would if he were in the pocket, and then mix up his throws at the end (sometimes have him make an athletic throw/sometimes have him set up and throw).  Make sure he is throwing out of rhythm on all of his throws, and not with his feet in one place for too long.  Adding the football helps the quarterback learn to come to balance before throwing and helps him become more comfortable moving with a ball in his hands.


Tight Figure 8 Drill – Place 2 cones about 2 yards apart and have the quarterback start in the middle.  Have the QB stay tall and balanced throughout the drill, as he weaves in and out of the cone in the path of a figure 8.  Make sure his feet are not hitting each other and he is not bending his knees too much.  Also, watch for the ball placement, and make sure it is remaining on his chest and not dropping down.  As the coach/receiver in this drill, clap your hands after a few seconds (or as long as you want), and have the quarterback come to balance and throw.  It is important to make sure the quarterback, upon hearing the clap, gets to balance as quickly as possible and makes the throw out of rhythm to his target.