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Professional fitness equipment can be found in gyms all around the world. If you're the owner of a gym or fitness center, you're likely familiar with the features and benefits of commercial gym equipment. Selecting equipment that meets the needs of your customers is your top priority.

The main difference between commercial and home weight room equipment, besides price, is durability and features. Since commercial gym equipment needs to accommodate an extremely high number of users, it's built to last with little wear-and-tear. There will always be more features offered on commercial gym equipment so that it can better support the different training needs of users. Home gym equipment, on the other hand, usually only has a handful of users at most. While adequate for casual use, home gym equipment is just not built for the 8 hours a day 7 days a week use that commercial gym equipment is. Whether you're updating a home gym, designing a small gym for your employees or redesigning a fitness center, you'll need commercial exercise equipment you can rely on to last for years to come.

Commercial Gym & Weight Room DesignCommercial gym

Before you buy commercial fitness equipment for your gym or weight room, you should consider where and how all of your professional gym equipment will fit into your workout area. When purchasing any heavy duty weight training equipment, you’ll want to think about your weight room layout. Knowing where you’ll put your equipment will help you decide the type and quantity of machines you should buy.

Naturally, some machines take up more space than others. Free weight machines allow you to do multiple workout routines and can save you space in the long run over smaller machines that enable you to do the same workouts individually. With the advances in free weight systems, you can easily find one or two machines that will allow you to do almost any exercises you need.

Types of Gym Equipment Every Gym Should Have

Each gym user has different personal goals, strengths and weaknesses, which means a wide variety of equipment should be made available to handle individual needs. When designing a gym, take the following fitness activities into account:

  • Cardio: Treadmills are a must-have, followed by ellipticals, rowing machines and air bikes.
  • Strength training: Dumbbells and barbells are two of the most critical purchases for any gym, as well as a training bench, training racks, free-weight machines, medicine balls and pullup bars.
  • Flexibility: Exercise balls, mats, foam rollers and ab wheels can provide many benefits, particularly if your center offers yoga classes.

While other machines may not be necessary, added weight room options provide versatility for fitness center clients and will better meet their unique needs. If you currently own a gym and have the budget and space necessary for extra professional weight equipment, consider asking your customers what they're looking for in a fitness center. Purchase the equipment needed to help them reach their goals.

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