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Genesis Full Rack Package


This package includes a Stray Dog Strength Genesis full rack, adjustable bench, bar, collars, bumper plates, steel plates.

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SKU: SD-825-2-Package 

This package includes:

Stray Dog Genesis Full Rack – SD825-2 3”x3” upright posts with adjustment holes on all four sides and laser cut numbers. Sturdy 2”x3” tube steel base that does not need to be mounted to floor. Zinc plated weight pegs: 8×8” long. 1” Diameter chin up bar. Sandwich style 1.5″ thick UHMW bar cups. Compatible with Stray Dog machine add-ons Click Here to view more info on this rack.

Stray Dog Adjustable Bench – SD750-10 Back pad can be set at four different incline positions. Seat pad can be set flat or inclined. Anti-bacterial upholstery on pads. Wheels and handle to easily move bench Click Here to view more info on this bench.

Power Squat BarOB86CK This 7′ bars uses special high strength stress proof alloy steel that is black oxide equipped with medium knurling. With a 150,000 PSI, this bar is made to withstand all your needs. It comes with or without center knurling. Click Here to view more info on this bar.

Spring Olympic Collars (1 pair) TOZC-12G  – This heavy duty, Olympic spring collar has plastic grip coverings and easily secure to most 2” bars. Click Here to view more info. 

USA Solid Rubber Bumper Plates – GOB -This package includes X2 45lb & X2 25lb bumpers. Black, solid rubber bumper plate with steel insert is a quality bumper, engineered to be a perfect addition to any home or garage gym. Click Here to view more info.

USA Olympic Black Plate – BOThis package includes X2 45lb, X2 10lb, X2 5lb & X2 2.5lb. Quality Olympic 2” plates, with rims and radius edges that are milled for comfort. The machine-bored holes help protect the bar and facilitate easier plate loading and removal. All plates have raised silver numbers and letters for fast, easy selection and are a grey enamel finish. All plates are consistent in weight, size and quality. Click here to view more info.

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