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Why design your facility with open space?

Twenty years ago the goal of the weight room was to get your athletes stronger to help them gain a competitive advantage. Now days just getting stronger is not enough to gain a competitive advantage, this is the reason why weight rooms have evolved into sports performance facility’s.

Goals of a Sports Performance Facility

There are many design elements and decisions that go into planning and engineering an effective sports performance facility. With the hundreds of facility’s that we have designed over the years we have found having open space in your room is critical to the effectiveness of your facility. The Equipment Guys have made a commitment to engineering our Stray Dog equipment with open space in mind. With Stray Dog equipment and our proprietary facility design process we are always fighting to maximize every square inch in your facility.

Key Benefits of Open Space:

  • Creates an unobstructed area to allow your team to compete.
  • Gives the ability to preform speed, agility and quickness drills in your room.
  • Allows for a meeting place for your team; motivational talks, warm ups, cool downs.
  • Acts as a loading and unloading space for your racks; gives the athletes not working out on the rack stations space.
  • Athlete safety by increasing sight lines allowing you to better manage and make sure your team is working out safely.

Equipment Design

Equipment Designs have a major impact the functional space you need to train. The best example of this is what you do with your bench when you are not using it? At a rack station the bench is used in less than a third of all exercises, therefore it is critical to store it  out of the way. Moving your bench away from your rack station is a inefficient use of time and a waste of valuable open space. Because of this our Titan rack bench was designed to store vertical, this allows the bench to stay at your rack station out of the way when not in use.

Facility Design

When planning a sports performance facility we advocate for less structure. By utilizing space efficient designs and working with you to figure out what is the minimum amount of steel and structure you need to safely and efficiently train your athletes. 

Ways to Create Open Space:

  • More of Less is always better than less is more: If adding two Glute Hams and two Leg Ext/Curls really won’t help due to the volume of athletes you are training in a 40 minute period. It is important to find ways without structure to hit those muscle groups, to save space and increase efficiency.
  • Avoiding Single Used Machines: Instead of getting 6 individual plate loaded back machines (high rows, mid row, low row) we recommend 6 Lat Pulldowns w/ Low Rows. This allows you to work the same muscle groups as well as additional muscle groups in half the space.
  • Inlaid rubber platforms: Defined platform areas help with athlete safety and allow weights to be dropped without causing damage. However the issue with traditional raised platforms is that they take up part of your open space and create trip hazards. Because of this we recommend inlaid rubber platforms, this gives you all the benefits of a platform without the negatives of a raised platform.

There are many ways to incorporate open space into your Sports Performance Center. Every team is different and every training program is different, having a solution designed specifically to your team and school is important. Designing facility’s that allow you to effectively train your athletes is our specialty.

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