Motivation – Do You Know Your Athletes


With athletes going on break in time for Thanksgiving, you probably want them coming back to school hungry!

Yes, of course, they’ll be stuffed full of turkey and dressing, but you’re looking for a different taste. That’s right! The taste of motivation! The hunger to compete!



So how do you make your athletes’ mouth water at the thought of training?

Have a motto, a creed, a common cry:

Know why your team exists and what is important! Think you have been clear about this? Have you ever communicated this with your team? If so, how often do you remind yourselves of what is important?

Recognize what you have to work with:

Want a powerhouse, muscle-stacked team but only have wiry, thin, quick-moving athletes? Adapt! Play to the strengths of NOW, not the hopes of whenever. This simple recognition takes some stress away and focuses everyone in one direction: the true ability of your team.

Find your KISS:

Ever heard Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS)? Iron out your system and get everyone to buy in. Create the machine, foster efficiency and then take all of that new extra time to work hard!

Bring them in:

We’ve all seen the movies where groups of people spend time together and end up stronger as a unit in the end. Learn from it! Get together, open up, camp out, get a sense of brotherhood or sisterhood, develop the “team.”


Know your motto, and again and again, remind yourself and the team what’s important. Find ways to check yourself and your athletes and get back on track.

Then, best of all, remember why you train. Get back to work!