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Less Time, More Athletes, No Problem

When we train athletes, we want a lot of things:

– Get the most out of every athlete
– Use a program that can be personalized
– Make sure everyone is using correct form
– Keep everyone motivated
– Keep everyone moving/active
– Results

The list could be much longer. But the biggest reality is that we usually have to train a lot of athletes in a short amount of time – which nearly wipes out most of what we want in the program.

At Stray Dog Performance, we try to get the most out of our space by utilizing the ability of our racks and the accessories for the rack, as well as following some simple rules to keep order.

Here are 4 steps to create an efficient weight room!

1. Figure out what you’re doing.
2. Define your space.
3. Set everything up.
4. Go!

1. Figure out what you’re doing
– Review the plan/program/workout for the day (or that superset)
– This is the time to ask questions about the exercises and decide who you’re going to work with
– Make sure you know all of the exercises before you start, so that you do not interrupt the flow of the workout

2. Define your space
– Map out where you are going to go or outline your area
– Make sure you keep everything close or you know exactly where you will go after each exercise
– You can even use sidewalk chalk to outline a space, if necessary


3. Set everything up.
– Test weights out first, to find the right weight for the desired reps
– Gather whatever you need (dumbbells, medicine balls, bands, ropes, etc.) within that circuit
– Plan with your partners where you’re going to go, who is going when and what weight everyone is using

4. Go!
– No extra rest or wasting time
– Do everything in your circuit without interruption
– Work hard

In addition to these simple steps, we also print out circuits and laminate them, so athletes can quickly grab and reference daily circuits or specific conditioning plans.

These simple steps will help keep the weight room organized and will bring order to athletes that operate at random.