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Jungle Gym

Body Weight/ Free Weight Jungles
Utilizing common components of the Stray Dog Rack Systems we have created a four station Jungle that allows you to perform barbell work or body weight  and Monkey Bar work on same station. In a team or class setting a variety of workouts can be done with more people at a time. Less space than four traditional racks. Our Jungle allows multiple people to train at once while incorporating attachments, bands, weights and ropes. Multiple of the Stray Dog Rack attachments can also be attached to the Jungle Gym such as the Wrestlers Twist, Dip Attachment, Ultimate Striking Machine, Belt Squat and Rack Lat attachments.
 Rack Features
  • Laser Cut Uprights w/ “tear drop” cut slots
  • 3”x3” 7 Gauge Steel Uprights with 21 Adjustment Points (3” Spacing)
  • Removable J-Cup means no moving parts
  • 12 foot monkey bar ladder section
  • 2 hammer grip pull up stations
  • 4 regular pull up stations
  • 4 Rack Stations to do barbell work (includes pair of bar cups, spotter arms are optional)
  • 2 rope attachment tubes
  • Custom features available on demand
  • Ability to purchase optional Rack Attachments such as (Wrestler Twist, Dips, Step ups, Adj. body wt bar, rope pull and many others…)

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