Fitness Equipment Repair in Columbus, Ohio

Using fitness equipment that's faulty or not optimally functioning can negatively impact the results of workouts and jeopardize the health and safety of the user. Whether you have a home gym or manage a commercial fitness club, hotel, healthcare or rehabilitation center or school exercise facility, it pays to have an affordable local source for full-service exercise machine repair in Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding areas. We call on extensive industry experience and technical expertise to deliver practical solutions for maintaining and repairing your fitness equipment.

Common Problems With Fitness Machines

Due to the impact and stress put on exercise equipment, even the highest-quality machines will eventually require service and repairs. Treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, presses and other training systems have many moving parts and often electrical systems that wear down over time or are damaged due to overload or misuse. While many problems are minor — such as a part that needs replacing or a joint that needs grease — others are more complex. Some of the most common issues calling for exercise equipment repair services include:

  • Worn, misaligned or ripped belts
  • Broken decks and rollers
  • Motors needing basic maintenance
  • Problems with the console readout

Complex Exercise Equipment Repair Services

While many exercise machine repairs are a quick fix, some cases call for the experience of our professional team. Whether you're dealing with malfunctioning electronics, damage to a motor or drivetrain, or a broken cable you'll find that we're equipped to work on all different kinds of machines. Our exercise equipment repair technicians serving customers in Columbus, Ohio and across the region will assist in analyzing your situation to provide the fastest and most cost-effective solution.

When you call us to repair your gym equipment, you benefit from:

  • A fast response that gets your machines back in working order and minimizes downtime
  • Professional evaluation and clear communication of the diagnosis and recommended services
  • Friendly and knowledgeable customer service and after-repair technical support
  • The latest tools and techniques for repairing modern exercise and fitness machines

Why Rely on Professionals for Preventive Maintenance and Repairs?

The Equipment Guys taking excellent care of your fitness machines and conducting regular service and prompt repairs will not only improve safety and performance but also extend the life of your equipment.

Our fitness equipment repair technicians are trained to provide solutions that fix your problem but also save you money and maximize your return on investment. Whether you need a partner capable of handling factory-recommended maintenance services or assistance in determining if a repair or new replacement is in order, you can trust us to provide the information you need to make an informed decision.

Working on cutting-edge workout machines can be too complicated for a do-it-yourself project or someone unfamiliar with the equipment, and it can also be dangerous. A highly trained repair technician will follow the right steps to ensure the existing warranty isn't voided and to minimize the impact on other parts and systems. Our team works fast to fix any issues and certify machines are in safe working order, so you can concentrate on running your gym.

Replacing Commercial Gym Equipment

In the event that your equipment has been damaged beyond repair, the Equipment Guys can help you quickly and affordably return your gym to full capabilities. As a comprehensive equipment marketplace, we deliver a complete line of replacement equipment and accessories from a single, reliable source. We offer our premium-quality Stray Dog Strength series of weightlifting products as well as a variety of machines, speed and agility training equipment and so much more. Our custom design team can also provide a piece of equipment tailored to your space or unique specifications.

Our full selection of fitness and workout equipment includes:

Trusted Gym Equipment Repair Services in Columbus, OH

The Equipment Guys are a leading marketplace for fitness and exercise products and accessories providing local equipment maintenance and repair. We're conveniently situated in Newark, Ohio and offer service to home and commercial customers in Columbus and across the region. 

Don't let broken machines stand in the way of your personal fitness goals or the workout of your students, teams, customers, guests and patients. The Equipment Guys are standing by to provide timely, economical exercise machine repairs backed by customer service dedicated to your satisfaction.

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