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Great For the Shoulders

Football Bar

How does it work?


Because the Football Bar (otherwise know as a Swiss bar)  is designed to imitate the motions and functions of Football athletes, linemen will push with their elbows in and hands in the neutral position which is why the bar is designed the way it was. While dumbbells have the benefit of balancing strength unilaterally, bilateral work tends to be more effective when training for strength. Using a Football Bar makes training more safe on an athletes shoulders and allows for more bilateral variations.

This training bar is the best bar option for any athlete who has suffered from shoulder issues or injuries because it limits your shoulders rotation. Most any upper body lifts can be done using the Football bar such as the bench press, incline bench, and overhead press. Although, it is great for the upper body, the Football Bar is not limited to the upper body. Another great lift with the bar is the front squat. While front squatting the bar sits right across the shoulders which creates a wide base of support for the bar. This eliminates any tendency for the bar to roll away and also really helps distribute the weight over a great area, doing so makes the lift more comfortable.