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Get the most from your racks!

As each athletic program customizes their performance center to the needs of their athletes, each coach must go through a process of  determining what equipment fits the needs of their athletes. When choosing the correct rack system, take in consideration of

  1. How many athletes will be working out at a time/ for how long?
  2. What attachments will save time and benefit athletes more?
  3. How can you save space and be as productive as possible?

More athletes working out at the same time is key. No coach wants to see anyone standing around waiting for a machine or rack to become available.


Double half Rack– allows three athletes on each side for a total of six athletes per rack rotating through the same lifts. Adding as many attachments as needed to be customized with it’s Modular Design Principle.

Fire out Station–  allows you to train multiple athletes with bands, body weight exercises or barbells. Because it bolts to the wall it has a super small footprint – it only uses two feet (from the wall) of room. The attachment possibilities are endless from dip stations to punching bags and blocking sleds, The Fire Out Wall can do it all.

Attachments-Allows racks to be customized to the sports in which will be using them, can also be attached to any Fire Out Station as well.

  • Wrestlers Twist/Double Wrestlers Twist                    
  • Mounted Dip
  • Rack Lat Attachment
  • Bar Storage
  • Low Band Attachment
  • Fat Bar Connector
  • Jammer Arms
  • Belt Squat
  • The Difference Maker
  • Ferris Wheel Handles
  • Dumbbell Trays