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Using Your Space

You can fill up a weight room wall to wall with the finest flooring and equipment from, but if you don’t know how to use it, then all you’ve purchased is heavy furniture.

Ok, so let’s say you know the exercises and you have good workouts, but you still can’t seem to get the athletes in order…

Are you really using your space wisely? Do you complain of needing more room?

Let’s Figure This Out!

Settle down, get your workouts together, make sure you have a plan and get organized! Remember, the whole point of products like the rack system and attachments are to create efficiency – not to take up space!

See It To Believe It

Watch what we do with 300 square feet of space in this video!

We make use of:
– the Vertimax for power, speed, agility and conditioning,
plyo boxes for power,
bumper plates for strength and quick feet drills,
med balls for power and explosive training,
– a bar for cleans, deadlift, squats, bench and accessory work,
– and a simple set of squat stands to put it all together
– (not to mention the rack for the bumper plates).

Is that all?

So much more could be done with this space. Imagine 4 – 5 athletes rotating through this as a circuit and then imagine HillsdaleRacks25 more stations just like it – that’s 25 athletes working hard in one room.ScottRacks4

Double that – which is the size of a modern weight room (10 stations) – and you have 50 athletes flying through focused training!



More athletes? No problem, utilize the rack system to attach dumbbell racks, bands, ploy box jumps and even cable stations (last month’s video) to maximize performance training with each individual.

Build your athletes for performance!