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Fire-Out Station

The Fire-Out Station is perfect for training multiple athletes at a time, similar to the way the Stray Dog Strength rack can train multiple athletes but in a smaller foot print. The Fire-Out Station is mounted to a wall so it takes up less floor space leaving your weight room open for other exercises. You can have one station or several stations. The Fire-Out Station, a Stray Dog Strength innovation, is made with the same parts and attachments as our Rack System creating the most versatile training station on the market. All of our rack attachments can also be use on the Fire-Out Station, from dips to punching bags and even blocking sleds. The Fire-Out Station can do it all.fireoutBweb


Set one station up as a designated testing area. One of the most important things for progress for both the individual athletes and you’re strength program as a whole is testing. It is important to get accurate tests in all areas of the athletes training from lifting to running to jumping it is all important. Here at The Equipment Guys we don’t just make weight lifting equipment we have specifically designed our products to help you improve you’re athletes and program. The Fire-Out Station can help you test. It can be set up as a permanent testing station with 3 lifting stations you can have bench, squat and pull ups always ready to test. Plus up to 3 other attachments such as a vertical tester or a dip station and a plyo-box.


Equipping Athletes is what we do here at The Equipment Guys and The Fire-Out Station is one of the most advanced and innovative products we have released to date.



X2 posts with 17 vertical adjustments
X1 Chin Up Unit
X2 Hook Cups
X2 Band Storage
X2 J-Cups
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