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Equipment Must Have List

If You Don’t Have These, You Are Missing Out!

IMG_2163– Stray Dog Strength Performance Lab

Your facility has empty space. Fill those spots with these MUST HAVE items and start the New Year right! A great piece of equipment is versatile, and sometimes that helps when there is a budget to keep. Check out these space-filling and possibly money-saving ESSENTIALS to get the most out of your dead-space!

Suspension Straps
Jungle Gym XT Straps or Rings, TRX Straps or Power Rack Straps
Each of these auxiliary pieces are great for accessory work, unilateral training, stability training, working out while traveling and keeping things functional. There are so many benefits to adding them into your training that these could be the most essential training tools that you are missing.


Sleds and accessories
A good sled can go a long way in almost all sports. Pushing, pulling, loading, dragging, getting creative – find YOUR sled and use it to get better now! With the option of attaching carpet to the bottom of sleds, everyone can find a place to push.

The Moxley – This quick-loading/unloading sled allows athletes with different needs to train at the same time, without the hassle of taking time to load/unload and use long breaks between uses. Utilize the high and low handles for different loads when pushing, or use the different sled attachments to sprint, pull or drag!

Stray Dog Diesel Sled – A lighter weight sled that can test running form or be loaded to the weight of a truck! Drive this sled through cone obstacle courses, push ‘till you puke, or clip in and tow for a quick team challenge.

GO Sled – Inflict pure punishment, test your athletes or go old-school with this sled! This creative design allows the coach to do what they please and get the most out of a sled that takes up little space. Stack plates, play tug-of-war or throw random junk in the sled while the athlete trudges toward the finish line!
Monster Sled – From football lineman to bobsled pusher, this sled can get some heavy work done! Ranging from explosive work to speed development, utilize this sled to push a lot!
Power Sled – Simplify! All you need is some good resistance to get the job done! Pull this sled or push from a low position – sometimes it can that simple!
Sled Attachments – Take your current sled to the next level! Use different attachments to add a whole new aspect to your current program. These attachments can help you get the most out of your current equipment!

Medicine Balls
Medicine Balls – If you are missing out on explosive training, stressing stability or are having a tough time incorporating core training or throwing into your program, medicine balls are necessary functional training tools to add into your gym. If you already have them floating around and taking up space, invest in storage to maintain that professional/disciplined style in your training center.

Stretch Bands – Whether you need assistance with pull-ups, resisted running with a little extra give or know how to properly set up for weight training with stretch bands, these can be the addition to your training that gets you over the hump! Use them to stretch, for strength or anything creative!

The MOST essential tool in your training: The Right Information

In terms of performance, you must know where your program currently is, where you go next and how to do that in the most efficient way possible!