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Energy System Tools

Human Body – Energy System Tools

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The human body runs on only one kind of energy: chemical energy. – Adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the gas in the tank. Our bodies have three different chemical systems that convert energy.
We have a small store of ATP that can keep us going for a couple seconds. But we have two systems for replenishing the used ATP.

You’ve probably heard of the two systems, one is called Aerobic (with Oxygen) and the other is An-Aerobic (without oxygen). The aerobic system produces large volumes of energy over long periods of time. But this system can only fuel energy output up to about 70 percent of maximal levels. An-aerobic systems produce high intensity energy and supply the energy between the top of aerobic limit and maximal levels.

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When we use an-aerobic energy systems, they have to be re-charged and replenished. The recharging and replenishing is done by the aerobic system.

Training programs that take the process of optimizing energy system training provide their athletes competitive advantages. Using heart rate feedback is the tool that coaches use to track the energy systems that are being used in training and when training needs to be intensified or discontinued.

Tools to Measure Energy Systems

With a Zephyr BioHarness™ System coaches can train their athletes to their peaks – making it possible to achieve consistent, maximum performance from a team by eliminating individual under- and over – training.

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Technology today gives us the ability to take the guesswork out of coaching and conditioning. The Zephyr BioHarness™ Physiological System Monitor (PSM) Training System is a remote physiological monitoring system that allows the measurement of:

Heart Rate
Breathing Rate
Activity level
Subject orientation (posture)

A Variety of Physiological Parameters Using Automated Fitness Tests

Live data from the BioHarness™ can be used to generate a color-coded Subject Status indication (ROG, Red Orange, Green), this gives coaches at-a-glance feedback that can be quickly used for game and practice decision making.

Implementing Energy Systems Training

Don Moxley is our expert in the implementation of Energy Systems Training.

His biography is as follows:

I am an exercise physiologist who specializes in fitness/athletic assessment, performance and wellness technology. I’m an Asst. Professor in the Sports Studies Department at
Urbana University. I also work as a consultant for sports/fitness facilities, individual athletes and sport organizations. I am the owner of Lemonade Neighborhood Fitness, and Founder of ViA Performance Systems.

Prior to Lemonade and ViA I worked as the Director of Sales for Polar Electro and coached at The Ohio State University. Additionally, I have directed training programs for Olympic Medalists, NCAA All-Americans, professionals, fitness clubs, and physical education programs and sports organizations across the continent. I wrestled for The Ohio State University where I captained the team and earned a Big 10 Championship in 1985.