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Dynamic Warm-Up and Dynamic Flexibility

By Mark Watts
Director of Strength & Conditioning
Denison University

It is absolutely imperative that an athlete engages in a proper & thorough warm-up before strenuous physical activity such as speed & agility or strength training.

Specific Goals of a Dynamic Warm-Up:

Stimulate Blood Flow to Active Muscle Groups
Increase Core Temperature
Increase Joint Viscosity
Enhance Neurological / Biomechanical Efficiency
Simulate Sport Specific Movements

Here is a comprehensive list of the different warm-up sessions our athletes will start each work-out with.

General Dynamic Warm-Ups

Ground Based Warm-Up

Knee flops
Straight Leg Crossovers
Straight Leg Kicks
Rollbacks to V-sits
Scorpions to Hurdlers
Reverse Scorpions
Hip Circles

In-Place Warm-Up

Quick Jacks
Y Squats
Toe Touch to Squat
Arm Circles
Standing Leg Swings
Waterbury Crucifix (Ts & Ws)

Stick Complex

Stick RDL Over & Back
Round the Worlds
Stick OH Squat
Single Leg RDL
Bent Over T-Row + Ext. Rotation
360 OH Lunge
Single Leg Glute-Bridge

Speed & Agility Training Session Specific Warm-Up

Speed & Agility Dynamic Warm-Up
High Knees
Butt Kicks
Lateral High Knees
Backward High Knees
Quick Hip Carioka (Tapioka)
Wide Low Shuffle

Speed & Agility Dynamic Warm-Up

Walking Lunge
Backward Lunge
Side Lunge
Walking RDL
Knee Hugs
Straight Leg Kicks (Toy Soldiers)

Sprint Specfic Warm-Up

High Knee Carioka
A Skips or Power Skips
Prime Times (straight leg run)
Backward Striders
Full Speed Carioka
Build Ups (half – 3/4 – half)
Build Ups (3/4 – full – half)


Strength Training Session Specific Warm-Up

Med Ball ComplexIn Place Sumo Throws
Extension Slams
Standing Free Throws
One Arm Underhand OH Throws
Standing Rotations
Squat & Slam
GM Jump & Slam

Mini-Band Complex

Band RDL Over & Back
Band Pull Apart
Band OH Squat
Lateral Shuffle
Monster Walks
Squat w/ band around Knees
Band Bird Dogs
Band Glute Bridge
25lb Plate ComplexFront Squat + Press Out
RDL & Upright Row
Good Morning + OH Press
Standing Rotations
Sumo Swings
Bent Over Row + Zercher GMs
Round the Worlds

DB or Plate Complex (2.5 – 10lb)Iron Cross
Suitcase Swing
RDL & Front Raise
Split Squat + Side Raise
SL Waterbury Crucifix
Bent Over T-Row + Ext. Rotation

Barbell Complex (45lbs)BTN Squat Press
Overhead Squat
RDL + Upright Row
Bent Over Row
Clean Grip Snatch
Sotts Bradford Press