Denison University Athletic Performance

Denison University Strength & Conditioning

Article Submitted by: Mark Watts – Denison University Strength Coach

Our philosophy at Denison University is to develop a comprehensive training program designed specifically for each of the athlete’s individual needs, preparedness level, and demands of his or her sport. Two main goals of our program are to increase the athletic performance potential of the athlete and to reduce the chance the athlete has of acquiring injuries.

Athletic Performance Enhancement

Our first goal is to increase the athlete’s chances of having success on the field or court. Some of the general skill development we will address are: Dynamic Flexibility and Mobility Drills including general and specific warm-up routines. Linear Speed Enhancement including Starting Acceleration Development and Speed Mechanic Improvement Drills. Lateral Speed Development including Deceleration Mechanics and Change of Direction Drills. Reactive Method Training including Plyometrics & Ballistic Throws. Force Production Enhancement which will encompass Maximal Strength, Speed-Strength and Strength Endurance Development. Energy System Specific Conditioning mainly focusing on anaerobic capacity. Static Flexibility Exercises

Injury Prevention

Our second goal is to decrease the chance of injury with the athlete. Specific ways we’ll try to accomplish this goal includes: Assessment of the athletes to identify weak or tight muscle groups. Dynamic Flexibility concentrating on joint mobility and stability and activation patterns of specific muscle groups. Addressing specific muscle imbalances throughout the annual plan. Target high-risk joints and enhance their stability and muscle groups depending on the athlete, position and sport being played. Develop Overall Relative Strength of the athlete. Increase General Physical Preparedness.


Every day

Eat breakfast Everyday
Get at least 7 hours of sleep Every Night
In the Weight Room
Squat Parallel
Lower the weight under control, Lift the Weight explosively
Get Spotters when you need them
Rack Your Weights
Wash your hands after your lifts
Communicate with Coach Watts about injuries or technique issues
Focus on the Task at hand

On the Field

If you are not running full speed, you aren’t developing speed
When Changing Directions – Stay low
Don’t Bend Over at Anytime – Stand-Up when you’re tired
Don’t save yourself for the last rep – maximum intensity on every rep
Make the target time assigned to your position group