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Customizing your weight room


Updating Your Weight Room Facility

Smaller spaces with outdated universal machines and older dumbbells  no longer will cut it for high school weight rooms. Weight rooms now a days can be customized to the program and teams needs and/or wants. Weight rooms tend to be mainstream areas that are functional for all sports and include instructive pieces that fit into the physical education curriculum. The best ones give coaches and trainers the opportunity to incorporate basic exercise principles into their physical education classes, in addition to facilitating advanced performance techniques for student-athletes.

Main features for High School & college weight rooms are-

  • Multiple Lifting racks (depending on limited space)
  • Non rusted Free weights such as dumbbells and kettle bells
  • Lifting Leg & Arm plate loaded machines
  • Auxiliary Accessories such as Medicine balls, Jump ropes, Dot Drill, Vertimax and sleds that up and athletes speed and agility
  • Optimal space for lifting or other training activities
  • Correct flooring  and platforms for level flooring

Customizing Your Weight Room

The Equipment Guys strive to set you apart by customizing your weight room how you want it. We put your logos on your banners, platforms and benches. We can custom build your racks with any kind of attachment such as dips, pulls ups, Jammar Arm attachments and many more. We can customize the height and width of your rack even the color to match your teams colors. Don't forget the flooring too, customize your flooring with the best Ecore Athletic Flooring  or wood platforms with your custom logo & colors. The Equipment Guys stay with you from start to finish, from the CAD drawing , customization, installation and maintenance work in the future.

Custom Attachments Include-

  • Belt Squat
  • Fat Bar Connector Bar for Storage or pull ups
  • Laser Cut Braces with logo
  • Low Band Attachment
  • Lat Machine with seat
  • Lat Machine without seat
  • Rack Mounted Dip/Open style dip
  • Wrestlers Twist
  • Ferris Wheel Handles
  • Ultimate Striking Machine
  • Dumbbell Storage Trays
  • Jammar Arms


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