Custom Weightlifting Equipment

When you're purchasing professional gym equipment for your school or fitness center, you need well-designed machines you can trust. You also need equipment suited to fit your customers' or students' unique needs and can deliver the workout that will give them the results that are working so hard to obtain.

If you've been struggling to find the ideal fitness equipment from traditional gym equipment outlets, you may need a solution tailored specifically for your gym. At Equipment Guys, our customized gym equipment offers the strength and durability of commercial fitness equipment while catering to your individual needs as a home, school or commercial gym.

Custom Your Gym Equipment

Custom-made gym equipment ensures your machines and accessories are designed with you in mind. Some of our custom weightlifting equipment solutions include:

  • ColorsYou don't need to sacrifice your gym's current color scheme when purchasing fitness equipment. Your equipment's pads or metal frames can be fitted with custom paint and upholstery to include a logo or to match your unique color themes.
  • Sizes: Whether you're purchasing equipment for a small employee gym or a large fitness facility, accessories such as weight storage racks can be tailored in length to fit your gym's design.
  • Customized Features: If you have the need for example: a special hole, unique bar holder or chin up, we can tailor our equipment to fit your very specific training needs.
  • Attachments: Additional attachments to our jungle racks, rack systems or weight station will let you compose the ultimate training system for any gym. 
    Custom Attachments Include:
      • Belt Squat
      • Fat Bar Connector Bar for Storage or pull ups
      • Laser Cut Braces with logo
      • Low Band Attachment
      • Lat Machine with seat
      • Lat Machine without seat
      • Rack Mounted Dip/Open style dip
      • Wrestlers Twist
      • Ferris Wheel Handles
      • Ultimate Striking Machine
      • Dumbbell Storage Trays
      • Jammar Arms


Custom Fitness Machines for Schools and Fitness Centers

Custom gym equipment is the ideal solution for high school training rooms and universities. Show your school spirit with equipment frames designed to match your school colors. We build our equipment with space to proudly place logos and motivational saying so your message is heard and understood. Purchasing custom designs for your school gym can boost team morale and showcase your pride in your players.

Likewise, major fitness centers across the country use custom-made fitness equipment to increase brand recognition and customer loyalty. Custom solutions can be catered to both small and large commercial gyms.

Custom Flooring for Weight Rooms and Indoor Fields

This is what is really trending now. Each fitness center has its own flooring requirements based on its size and the equipment it offers. While one gym may want the rolled rubber flooring that is glued down, another may want to choose tiled flooring to have the ability to relocate this flooring as your needs change. When you purchase custom flooring, it can be designed with different colors to clearly mark where one area ends and another begins. Sizing options give you greater flexibility in flooring selection, while custom colors ensure your floor matches your weight room's design and color scheme. Rubber flooring also offers logos that can be as large as the room. This really pushes the customization to a new level.

Custom rubber or synthetic wood floors can offer style and protection for most of your gym, while indoor turf provides a flooring solution for field hockey, lacrosse or soccer practice fields. Purchase a custom combination of the three to prepare your gym for all kinds of use.

Call Equipment Guys for Custom-Made Fitness Equipment

When you're ready to buy customized gym equipment for your home, school or fitness center, turn to the Equipment Guys.

At Equipment Guys, we're available to handle all your custom solutions. We offer upholstery, metal frames, attachments and more to give your gym the ultimate custom makeover. Call now at 614-871-9220 for a free quote on your customized machinery.