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Considerations When Purchasing Rubber Flooring

Specifying weight room flooring used to be pretty simple: 8mm speckled rubber sold in rolls or interlocking tiles. But today there are many different styles and thicknesses of rubber flooring available. Selecting the correct style and thickness is critical to maximizing your investment. A thinner floor installed in a health club can last 20 years but installing the same flooring in a high school or collegiate room will drastically cut down on this lifespan. There is also the factor of spaces within your facility requiring different types of flooring based on how they are used. Areas that only contain cardiovascular equipment do not require strong shock absorption, so thinner flooring typically will suffice. While weight training areas, including those with sectorized equipment, require thicker flooring that can handle the impact from dropping weights and weight stacks, there are also functional training zones, which have their own requirements. Each presents their own unique challenges when selecting the correct flooring type.

                Weight training areas are subject to habitual weight dropping; dumbbells, kettlebells, steel plates and bumper plates are often dropped in the same spot repetitively. This repetitive dropping cause damage to the floor over time. Once the surface of the flooring is damaged, it then becomes a safety hazard. When you are dropping heavy weights and dumbbells on a floor that is not designed for this “abuse” it will not have the memory to revert back to its original state. This can not only damage the flooring its self but also cause damage to structural integrity of the surface below the rubber. A weight room’s floor must be designed for heavy use, high traffic, and must be durable long term while maintaining its appearance.

                To meet these needs the Equipment Guys have partnered with Ecore Athletic, they are an industry leader in designing and manufacturing of rubber flooring based out of Lancaster Pennsylvania. They offer a wide variety of flooring that can take care of everything from your yoga studio to a weight room floor dedicated to Olympic lifts. The three main factors when looking at a new floor are: safety, acoustics, and ergonomics.


Athlete safety is one of the most important things in a weight room and the flooring you select has major impact on this. Ecore floors keep joints, muscles, and bones safer during repetitive impact. If you fall, we’re there to catch you. The surfaces are designed to catch falling weights and reduce bounce-back, minimizing the chance for injury. Different colors of flooring can also be used to create platforms and other defined spaces to help eliminate the risk of injury. MORE INFO


The yoga class on the ground floor shouldn’t be disrupted by weights being dropped on the floor above. In locker rooms and training room areas, quiet means more privacy for everyone. Ecore flooring is designed with quiet built in, so everyone can concentrate and not be distracted by what is going on around them. Flooring plays a major role in decreasing decibel levels, and maximizing the versatility/functionality of the space. MORE INFO


High-impact workouts don’t have to mean painful joints later. Ecore flooring is ergonomically designed to support muscles and joints through the most repetitive workouts or the most extreme functional training, so you can keep doing what you love, for longer. MORE INFO

The demands on weight room floors have changed over the years. Today, there could be one large space devoted to Olympic lifting, dumbbells, treadmills and plyometrics, each with their own unique demands. When you’re designing your facility, you need to make sure you’re purchasing the product for the right application. That’s the key in today’s environment.

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