Brian Cross Interview Part 2

Interview with Olentangy Orange – Head Football Coach Brian Cross

Part 2


Tell us about the fundamentals of your training program.


Basically we are a program that is trying to build overall body strength. We are trying to keep a balance in our weight lifting. Our major lifts that we do here are the bench press, squats, hang cleans, straight leg dead lifts and push presses. Then we do a lot of auxiliary lifting to strengthen the minor muscles that are going to make you stronger in those lifts. We try to be as sports specific as we can. We look for lifts that are going to make our kids stronger so that they can transfer that strength on to the football field. A lot of times people just lift for strength and power but we want to be able to transfer that on to the field.

We start our weight training in the winter, January through March, we just lift weights and do very little agility and quickness training. We have them come in and lift 4 days a week for about an hour and 15 minutes.

In April we add some running two of the days a week for about 20 minutes and begin work on specific positions. We start to add quickness drills, work on lateral movement, speed and explosion on the field.

In May we go to a 3 day week schedule for the summer until 2-a-days begin. We lift for about 1 and ½ hours then do 20 minutes of running and agility drills.