Glute Ham Raises Alternatives

Glute Ham Raises Alternatives

May 2nd 2019

Glute Ham Raises Alternatives

By Mike Dewar

Glute ham raises are an exercise that can be used in most strength, power, and fitness programs to increase muscle hypertrophy and endurance of the glutes, hamstrings, and posterior chain muscles. Increased posterior chain strength and hypertrophy can improve pulling strength, back health, and overall explosiveness when trained in conjunction with many of the sport-specific movements seen in powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting programs.

Benefits of Glute Ham Raises

The glute ham raise is a popular accessory movement to increase the hypertrophy and muscular endurance in the hamstrings, lower back, and glutes. Often done by power, strength, and fitness athletes, this movement can help to develop both concentric and eccentric muscle function of the hamstrings and maximize posterior chain performance. Below are three (3) benefits of glute ham raises coaches and athletes can expect when integrating glute ham raises within their training program.

Hamstring and Glute Hypertrophy and Strength

The glute ham raises targets the hamstrings and glutes, making this a great accessory exercise to add volume and load to if your goal is to increase muscle size, strength, and develop a stronger foundation of the posterior chain. This can be done by adding these into training programs a few times per week after main strength and power lifts.

Enhance Posterior Chain Development

A strong posterior chain can be linked to greater pulling, squatting, jumping, and athletic performance (1). The glute ham raise a great exercise to add into training programs to further develop a lifter’s abilities in strength and power sports, while also increasing hamstring health and injury resilience to heavier loads.

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