Explosive Training | Equipment & Workouts for Explosive Athletes

Explosive Training | Equipment & Workouts for Explosive Athletes

Jul 11th 2018

Three Best Plyometric Exercises for Explosive Athletes

Athletes with explosive strength & power develop these techniques by teaching the body to produce large maximal force in a small amount of time. The athlete must train both maximal strength and speed strength in a manner which allows for optimal rest, recovery, and adaptation processes to occur.

Med Ball Chest Pass

In football, one-tenth of a second is about three feet of space between you and either turning the corner or tackling your opponent. First-step quickness makes the difference between being on the field or on the bench. The key is thinking not "quick first step," but "powerful first push."

  • Use a small med ball to start and move up. You want fast, not heavy.
  • Get into a split stance.
  • Keeping your body in position, drive your front foot into the ground and press the ball straight out to the wall.
  • Look for a 45-degree shin angle on your front leg.
  • Repeat on both legs for desired reps

Box Jumps

Whether you want to run a faster 40, improve your vertical leap or be a fierce hitter, you need power i your hips and instant power to get your body going. Box Jumps allow you to create tremendous force while limiting your impact with the ground.

Hurdle/Long Jumps

All football players want/need quick, powerful movements. Hurdles with a long jump teaches you to quickly generate force and end with an explosive finish. This one simulates coming up and tackling through a ball carrier or running over a tackler.


If wanting something other than regular box jumps, try the Vertimax for a dynamic workout of explosiveness, speed and height jumps. Many coaches, athletes and trainers use and trust the Vertimax to improve their athletes in every aspect & sport. Having a 30 foot extended range the Vertimax enables athletes to adapt to a specific athletic training focus.


Check out our Vertimax video for a variety of workouts: Click Here