Build a 30 Year Weight Room

Build a 30 Year Weight Room

Published by Nick Giglia on Oct 30th 2018

So you are planning a new facility or an upgrade – making it work for all athletes

Solon High School

The science of Sports Performance is always evolving. The way you train your athletes today will not be the same way they will train in five years. So how do you keep your Sports Performance efforts up to date without scrapping your facility every few years?

Planning a new facility or an upgrade - making it work for all athletes

  • Software versus Hardware – Cab Forward Design
  • Keep it Simple - Less is more
  • Avoid training “Bottlenecks”
  • Space as a design element
  • Get the important stuff done in the first 30 minutes

Keep it working for decades

  • Planning for “Oil Changes” and Maintenance
  • Open Purchase Orders – Making it simple
  • Modular Equipment Designs – training changes, so should your equipment.

To be great for everyone in your program, simple is always better. Keep as much space open as you can and make sure you buy equipment that can grow and change with your needs. Quality made equipment will last. Quality designed equipment will grow with you. Make sure you re-invest yearly into your facility and you will have decades of production and amazing results from your Sports Performance Facility. To read the full article please use this link: 30 Year Weight Room