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Battling Ropes

Battling Ropes® Benefits

• Increased anaerobic and aerobic capacity
• Increased power and strength
• Sustained power for longer durations
• Increased motivation and mental endurance
• High intensity metabolic & fat burning workout
• Non-impact cardio
• Intensive core training
• Reach maximum heart rate in minimal time
• Maintain fitness while rehabbing injuries

As you train with the Battling Ropes® you will get a superior aerobic and anaerobic workout. You are in control of the intensity and how hard and how long you workout. You will quickly notice how Battling Ropes® Training will transfer into your sport or activity.

2-Hand Whip

The 2-Hand Whip with the rope is a exercise that can generate a great amount of strength and endurance in your core and legs. Each whip is created by violently pulling up the rope ends and then slamming them back down with just as much force.

Alternating Whip

Alternating Whip with the rope is an arm and shoulder strength builder. The alternating whips are similar to the 2 Hand Whip except instead of pulling with both arms, you pull up with each hand at a time. Make sure the movement is fast-paced with no lag time between movements.

Alternating Waves

Alternating Waves are similar to the alternating whip but the movement is much smaller and quicker. The arms are the most fatigued on this exercise as the motion is small and does not require as much shoulder action.

Circle Waves

Circle Waves with the ropes will require much more core power as you create circular waves with each rope. The waves can move in the same direction as each other. Make sure to move you arms farther apart to avoid tangling the ropes.

Circle Waves (Double)

Double Circle Waves with the ropes are similar to the Circle Waves except that the waves are moving in opposite directions of each other. This will require more power generation from your arms and shoulders.

Jumping Jack Slams

The Jumping Jack Slams with the ropes are a great variation from other rope exercises. This involves a much greater explosion since you are leaving the ground on every jump. This extra generation of power translates into more calories expended.