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BandBell Earthquake Bars & Bamboo Bars

What is a Bamboo Bar?

  • The Bamboo bar is a barbell comprised of wood and composite resin. It has 2 slits on each end that are designed to keep bands in place. The goal of a bamboo bar is to enhance muscle stabilization for shoulder, elbow, bicep and lower back workouts.

What is an Earthquake Bar?

  • The Earthquake bar is a sister-tool to the bamboo bar; but is designed to hold more weight that it's sister bandbell bar. Unlike a traditional barbell, the material designed to make these bars does not absorb vibrations. Vibrations are amplified, causing the bar to quiver like an "earthquake." This bar will humble you, challenge, you, and make you better all while increasing muscle and strength levels. 

Benefits of a Bamboo /Earthquake Bar

  • Provides some variety to your workouts (can use with many different exercises)
  • Improves technique, posture, and endurance (oscillation forces stabilizer muscle recruitment = healthy joint function)
  • Increased motor recruitment (increase contractile strength)
  • Increased intramuscular tension (facilitate growth)
  • Safe on elbows and shoulders (Control through ROM, use spotter)

Where to Incorporate the Bamboo/Earthquake Bar in Your Workouts

  • Strength Training, Endurance Training, Rehabilitation, Preventative maintenance, Balance, Flexibility and more
  • It is a very light bar that can hold a variety of weights (KB's. DB's, or plates hooked using bands)

Specifications of Bandbell Bamboo and Earthquake Bars

  • Weight: 6 lbs
  • Diameter:1.5"
  • Length: 80"
  • Loading Capacity: 300lbs
  • Distance between collars: 54"

Additional Information

The Bamboo Bar is simply another tool to add to your toolbox. What sets this bar apart from the traditional bench press is the oscillations generated by performing the movement with this bar. One has to activate their stabilizer muscles of the shoulders to conduct the movement, making this an ideal tool for preventative maintenance and rehabilitation.

An injury may prohibit one from using heavy loads to perform a traditional bench press. Switching to this bar still allows you to stimulate the muscles with significantly less weight. While lifting the Bamboo bar, the attached weights are moving causing one to focus on body position and bar path while forcing you to resist momentum of the weight. One must stay balanced and focus both mentally and physically.

The Equipment Guys are happy to offer the Bandbell bamboo & earthquake bar that will add instant variety to any program. Don't miss out on the safe, effective, and versatile workout that this bar can provide to your program.

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