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Auxiliary Training Racks- ATR’s

Stray Dog Strength’s ATR Units are a Systematic approach to Auxiliary work that has the practicality of a Rack System and the utility of Swiss Army Knife

Our ATR System is built on the frame of our Half Racks, with all its functionality.   You can do all lifts, add any rack attachments, etc.    Now add the Machines you’ll need – Lat Pulldown/Low Row, Lat Pulldown, Belt Squats, Adjustable Cable Columns, Jammer Arms and 4-Way Neck Machines.   Then add the storage function (if any) you’ll need – it can store anything you need to store, and comes with standard options for Dumbbells, Med Balls, Kettlbells and Rollers.  

What this system gives you is that part of your room that was only being used 15% of the time is now infinitely programmable and can be used almost the whole time your facility is running.  It can change its set-up from one group to the next.   Fully modular and can be added onto and grown each year.   It’s a dynamic system.

ATR Units configured to your programs needs.

Quality, Efficiency and utility is what we do.

Please go to our ATR Page for more information on this truly unique product. https://equipmentguys.com/atr/

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