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Olympic Bar Article

How to maintain olympic bars

Olympic bars take a beating in your sports performance facility, but regular bar maintenance can help extend the lifetime of your bars and protect your investment.

Rusty Dumbbells

How to maintain weights/dumbbells

No matter the coating on the outside all weights and dumbbells need maintained to keep your facility looking new. Here are our maintenance tips for your painted, rubber encased or urethane encased weights and dumbbells.

2D Layout

Top 5 Facility Design Mistakes

Learn the top five mistakes that are made when designing a sports performance facility and how to avoid them. Avoiding these mistakes will help you to stretch your budget further and get more out of your new facility.

Canton Glenoak Weight room-2

Considerations When Purchasing Rubber Flooring

Selecting the correct type of rubber flooring for your application can get tricky. There are many different styles and thickness available learn how to select the best flooring for your needs.

Open Space

Why design your facility with open space?

With hundreds of facility's that we have designed over the years we have found having open space in your room is critical to the effectiveness of your facility. Learn why and how to incorporate open space into your facility!


Top 5 Stray Dog Rack Features

The Stray Dog Strength was an original pioneer of the modern day rack system. There are many features and details that make our racks the best available on the market. Learn about the top 5 features that set Stray Dog Strength racks apart from the competition.



Make sure your room is ready for 2020! See our top 5 small products to add to your room for 2020. Use the code "SMALL2020" to receive 15% off all products mentioned in this article. Code is valid on all orders placed before 1/1/2020.

Cleaning supplies

How to Clean Your Facility

A schools strength training equipment and locker room are some of the dirtiest places where harmful germs, viruses and parasites love to fester and hide.



Auxiliary Training Racks

Infinitely programmable and can be used almost the whole time your facility is running.





Take appropriate precautions described on the product’s label instructions to reduce exposure. Wearing personal protective equipment such as gloves and eye protection may be indicated.

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