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5 Small products to add to your weight room

Make sure your room is ready for 2020! These are the top 5 small products to add to your room for 2020. Use the code “SMALL2020” to receive 15% off all products mentioned in this article. Code is valid on all orders placed before 1/1/2020.

Posterior Chain Trolley

The posterior chain is one of the largest muscle groups in the human body, training it is a must for your athletes. Our Posterior Chain Trolley is a low-cost tool that can be used to train the posterior chain with out taking up any floor space in your room.

Link: Posterior Chain Trolley

Three-Way Utility Box

Our three-way utility boxes have three variable heights of 12”, 14.5”, and 17”. These versatile boxes can be used for step-ups, box squats, pulling boxes and more. These boxes are designed to be virtually indestructible with the same USA 11 gage steel that our racks are made from and have no pull pins or moving components that can fail.

Link: Three-Way Utility Box

Landmine Units

Landmine units are one of the most versatile products that you can have in your facility. Their “universal joint” rotation mechanism allows you to target all muscle groups in the body with different movements. We have rack mounted, free standing and plate mounted landmine units to fit the need of all facilities.

Link: Landmine Rack Attachment


Exercise bands can be used for stretching, prehab, rehab, strength training and SAQ. They can be stored easily and can even be used outside of the weight room. One of the biggest problems we see with bands is they tend to “walk away” and disappear from your facility, because of this we have developed a locking band storage to prevent this from happening.

Link: Resistance Bands

Link: Fitloop Bands

Upholstery Repair

With the new year coming, this is a great time to repair the cracked and ripped upholstery on your benches and other machines. Damaged pads exposed the foam allowing MRSA and other bacteria to develop on your equipment, increasing your athletes chance of getting a skin disease. One way to increase the durability and appearance of your pads is with our stitched custom wear covers. We offer both completely new pads (upholstery and foam) as well as onsite pad recovering.

Link: Upholstery repair form

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