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5 Front Squat Advantages

1) Improves your technique:  Since the bar is placed in front on your shoulders it strengthens the “base”. Overhead Presses, Power Cleans, etc. all share the same “beginning” position as the front squat. As you get stronger and more comfortable with Front Squats it will help you in those exercises too.

2) Super quad workout: The front squat is an excellent movement to get bigger, stronger quads–maybe the best exercise there is. Because you’re position is more upright, it impacts the quads more.

3) Better for your lower back: Back squats can aggravate back problems. In the front squat your upper body is mostly upright (instead of leaning forward like in a back squat) there’s less force on your lower back.

4) Stronger core – Holding the weight in front of your body you must remain upright, so your entire core gets a great workout trying to stabilize the weight and keep you upright. If you have been leaning forward when you back squat, you’ll quickly get stronger and fix this problem if you switch to front squats.

5) Natural Spine Position: The more upright position with the front squat… your spine is in a more neutral position. This is healthier for your spine.