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3 Missing Links In Your Program


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There is something to be said about simplicity. It does make things easier to understand. It is, in fact, simple. But simple does not always imply easy, as most would agree. Below is a routine made up of exercises that have a common base of 3 performance components: core – hips – feet.

Let’s break this down real quick:

Core movements test the body’s ability to maintain a postural advantage under stress. Many injuries that arise from a weak core include issues with the spine and hips and many times turn into chronic issues – hindering an athlete’s performance. While some may say that the term “core” has begun to be overused, I would say that we should just embrace the basics and keep it, dare I say…simple.

Overhead movements

Planking movements

Twisting movements

Contra-lateral movements

Hips come into play in every sport and are always important in explosive movements. Good hips mean that an athlete has good range of motion about the hips and good flexibility and strength in associated muscles: glutes, hamstrings, hip flexors, IT band, abs, back, groin.

Deep sitting

Hip thrusting/extending

Wide stepping

Side stressors


Feet are important. But let’s keep it simple. When you hear someone say an athlete has “good feet,” they are usually referring to a person that is overall athletic – which implies more than just feet. However, the end result of a lot of training is the vision of a person moving feet quickly and efficiently. This is just plain essential, so I’ll stop there.



Quick stepping

Effort – not as obvious


The Workout – VIEW VIDEO


You can go through just 1 time, go through 3 times, time yourself on the next time or just keep doing it until you get what you want. This workout is not the end-all-be-all, but it does address Core-Hips-Feet. It can also just work as a great warm up or refresher workout, if you don’t push too hard. So, however you use it, it works.


CHF (core-hips-feet, if you were unsure)

Hip ups – no weight x 30 reps

4 way leg raise x 20 reps each

Inchworms + pushup x 25 yds

360 degree lunges x 5 reps each

med ball p. press throw x 5 heavy – height/distance

Band walks – ankles x 30 steps forward/backward, 10 steps sideways

Band walks – knees x 30 steps forward/backward, 10 steps sideways

Light Farmer’s Walk x 50 yds

Light Overhead carry x 50 yds

1 arm overhead lunge F/B x 15 yds

Line hops Forward/Backward x 20 sec.

Line hops side/side x 20 sec.

Wall touches x 20 sec with goal ht.

Hurdle jumps low/slow

Hurdle Jumps low + mid – slow hops

Hurdle Jumps low + mid – fast hops

Hurdle Jumps low + mid – fast – down and back

Hurdle Jumps low + mid + high

Heavy hip ups x 25 reps

DB P. Press x 8 x 2 sets

Heavy OH walks x 50 yds

Heavy Farmer’s Walks x 50 yds

Short distance and back for time (ex. 5 yds)

*Same – beat last time

*Same – beat last time

*Same – beat or match last time

Weighted inch worms x 50 yds

Lunge Hip Stretch x 30 seconds x 3 each

Duck-Unders x 5-10 each