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10 Things for Christmas for the High School Strength Coach

By: Clint Cox, Granville High School Strength Coach, TADSports Preformance Coach, NSCA-CSCS, USA Weightlifting


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As a high school strength coach I am always looking for new equipment to maximize training time and improve the quality of our workouts. Here is my list of favorite equipment pieces that we use at TADSports and Granville High School.

10) Rings

10 Things for Christmas Image 2

Grab these rings and throw them over a tree branch, swing set or mount them permanently in your gym. The strap and buckle system is very simple and only takes a minute to have them ready to go. The rings can also be used with Diesel Sled for great pulling and pushing movements.

9) Bands

10 Things for Christmas Image 3

FlexBands are used in a variety of settings for strength training and rehab. The bands provide variable isotonic exercise, meaning that the pressure changes throughout the range of motion. The resistance increases as the lifter’s joint angles improve, making this a safe and effective alternative training method. I also like to use Flexbands for resisted sprints and jumps.

8) Football Bar

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The Football Bar is a 65 lb. & 86 inches long bar with 3 neutral hand grip positions. The two inside positions are designed to develop “Close Grip” strength and power which is sport specific to the game of football. Putting a players hand inside shoulder-width develops a powerful punch necessary to win the “battle in the trenches”. The neutral grip position will place less pressure on the shoulders and wrists during exercises.

7) Dynamax Medicine Balls

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Many people assume that the weight of a medicine ball is the most important determining factor; however, the ability of the ball to absorb impact should be your primary assessment tool. A piece of equipment that can be thrown, caught, and struck with maximum force and velocity provides a training tool for life.

6) Battling Ropes

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These Poly Battling Ropes® are the best choice for a gym or indoor/outdoor training. They are also great for Tug of War competitions! More durable and have a greater life span than the manila ropes. Non-shedding braided polyester, and are non-abrasive making them perfect for indoor use. Poly ropes feature a plastic boot on each end to prevent fraying.

5) Stray Dog Land Mind

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Universal joint swivel point fits Olympic bars. Turn any bar into a ground based torso trainer, row unit or for sport specific applications. Various movements for core work and single arm or leg work.

4) Kettlebells

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Training with Kettlebells allows my athletes training options and variety to their workouts. With large groups the addition of Kettlebells allows for better use of dumbbells and other equipment while controlling traffic issue within the weight room.

3) Glute/Hamstring Station

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The gluteus and the hamstrings are where the athlete generates his speed, power and explosiveness. Unfortunately, for most athletes, the quadriceps are far better developed than the hamstrings, resulting in muscle imbalances that led to injuries and poor performance

2) Diesel Sled

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The Diesel Sled is one of the best ways to develop strength in your legs, hips and arms. Multiple Diesels can be used in team situations and competitions and make for a great training atmosphere.

1) Stray Dog Strength Rack

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No weight room would be complete without a great rack system. Probably the most important piece of equipment in any high school weight room. A great rack system will give you the options and the ability to manage the weight room while giving your athletes a great training program.