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BIG RED The science of a good bar is well worth the investment. In fact, purchasing a good bar can not only add years of training to your program without buying a new bar, but can also provide a safe and productive experience vs. the bare minimum. A good bar can put you over the…

learning just do it

  If athletes never understand that there are expectations, then they will be asking for an award for every little thing that they do and that wastes time.     Let’s review some points that we have made earlier this year regarding training. Everyone seems to know that specialized training helps athletes. Everyone (ideally) has…

agility start TAD

A Proposal for a New Practice Paradigm By Cal Dietz and Jonathon Janz Introduction It is often said that the best coaches of any sport know precisely when to push their athletes and when to take their foot off the throttle. Exceptions aside, high-level coaches do not simply grind their athletes into the ground each…