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The Fire-Out Station is perfect for training multiple athletes at a time, similar to the way the Stray Dog Strength rack can train multiple athletes but in a smaller foot print. The Fire-Out Station is mounted to a wall so it takes up less floor space leaving your weight room open for other exercises. You…


Football Bar How does it work? Because the Football Bar (otherwise know as a Swiss bar) ┬áis designed to imitate the motions and functions of Football athletes, linemen will push with their elbows in and hands in the neutral position which is why the bar is designed the way it was. While dumbbells have the…

stop watch

A Proposal for a New Practice Paradigm By Cal Dietz and Jonathon Janz Introduction It is often said that the best coaches of any sport know precisely when to push their athletes and when to take their foot off the throttle. Exceptions aside, high-level coaches do not simply grind their athletes into the ground each…