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BIG RED The science of a good bar is well worth the investment. In fact, purchasing a good bar can not only add years of training to your program without buying a new bar, but can also provide a safe and productive experience vs. the bare minimum. A good bar can put you over the…

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5 points to motivating athletes: 1. Have a motto, a creed, a common cry 2. Recognize what you have to work with 3. Find your KISS 4. Bring them in 5. Accountability (Catch up on that article here) So we can’t help but to reiterate points that were made one year ago: Get a plan, build a…

Strength and conditioning coach Cal Dietz spots Gophers men's hockey player Sam Warning as he lifts weights in the Mariucci Arena weight room Thursday.

The Triphasic Training method is implemented with one goal in mind, STRESS. Stressing the body often, and in a different manner each training session, should be the goal of every strength coach to achieve optimal adaptations from their athletes. The stretch-shortening cycle (SSC), which is utilized in every dynamic movement, consists of an eccentric, isometric,…